Core Training Times

All Training Groups

Please note that with effect of 1 July 2019. Tuesday and Thursday groups (during the summer training months) should use the Gowans Terrace entrance to the arena.
Monday groups will continue to access via North Inch Community Campus end gate.
Day Age Group Perth
Monday Athletes up to Age 15 1800 – 1900
Tuesday 5 – 8 year olds 1700 – 1800
Tuesday 8 – 10 year olds 1800 – 1900
Tuesday Secondary School / Senior Groups 1900 – 2030
Thursday Secondary School / Senior Groups 1900 – 2030
Before coming along we would ask you contact club first to ensure the best group is ready to welcome you. (And, for example, to ensure training is on.)
Please Note –
In the event of extreme weather conditions, to find out if the George Duncan Arena is closed please call our facility providers: 01738 454400
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