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Perth Strathtay Harriers

Management Committee Notes – Volunteer Recruitment

Our club is entirely volunteer led and our people are key to our success. We welcome anyone who is willing to give their valuable time to helping Perth Strathtay Harriers. To safeguard everyone associated with the Harriers the current management committee must ensure any volunteer is recruited in line with our club requirements.

Recruitment Process:
• Meet with member of Management Committee
• Reference check
• Mentoring of new volunteers by lead coach (es) – year 1
• Coaches will have UKA licence check – 3 year renewal
• PVG process for any volunteer in direct and regular link with athletes

In recent years, our club has mentored a number of young volunteers (e.g. Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme, University placements). The above process is followed and in addition:
• Club mentor is assigned and is responsible for student documentation.

The club is affiliated to Scottish Athletics and our club policies align to our national governing body. Up to date roles and descriptions can be found here –



2015-2019 PSH Development Plan





6 November 2013


Present Apologies
Jim Hunter Nancy Davidson
Jackie Wyllie Mike Roberts
Alan Erickson Megan Roberts
Clare Smith Eunice Leckie
Nickyi Cruickshanks Lyn Melville
Gail Greenwood Stuart Wyllie
Ben Greenwood Jonathon Greenwood
Ashleigh Greenwood Kevin Rose
Lorna Wyllie Carol Rose
Cat Tavendale   
Sonia Henson  
Rob Henson  
Kris Mackie  


Jim Hunter welcome everyone and thanked them for coming to the first committee meeting of the 2013/14 committee.

Young Development League

Lesley Roy has advised that as Perth Strathtay Harriers finished 9th in the 2013 YDL (Central), the club we no longer be able to continue within the Central division as only 8 club places are available.  Nicky Cruickshanks has suggested that the club could compete jointly with Montrose in the North East division of YDL.  Jim Hunter read out some facts and figures about the league from last year e.g. the number of athletes who competed from the club, final point results.  Jim also stated if we joined with Montrose would our athletes get enough events to compete in as they would be sharing with another club, costs would Montrose make an equal contribution to the costs.  Nicky advised that Montrose athletes at present tend to stick with field events rather than track events.  Cat Tavendale suggested that to make sure athletes have a chance to compete in events if we share with Montrose that we would only put selected athletes forward for the YDL.  Clare Smith suggested that we could trial for 2014 and if it was not successful we could re look at this again next year.  Nicky Cruickshanks will approach Montrose to enquire if it would be practical for PSH to join them in the NE division of YDL.

Prize Giving & Return of Trophy’s

Prize giving proposed date will be 8th December 2013.  Cat and Clare suggested venue of the swimming pool which has been used successfully on previous Prize Giving, the ice rink was also mentioned but had been quite expensive in previous years enquires.  Kris Mackie advised that with different providers in place that costs will have changed, Kris will make enquires on quotes from the swimming pool and ice rink for a room & swimming/skating.  Notes will go out to last year’s trophy to return trophy’s to Blair Macdougall to allow this year’s winners to be engraved.  Jim Hunter will make sure that this year’s prize winners names are passed to Blair for engraving.



Use and Charges for GDAA

Jim Hunter explained the use of the GDAA i.e. if athletes enter the track area they are oblige to pay track fees. 

In a change to the current practice of paying track staff fees on the night of training, liveactive will now invoice PSH.  Track staff will complete a head count and PSH will be invoiced accordingly.  Invoices can be checked against PSH registration, Jackie Wyllie asked coaches to remind athletes about registering and paying nightly fees.  Registration and payments desk has been set up at the entrance of Perth Grammer School and registration is taken for all groups on a Tuesday night only.

Jim Hunter advised that he needs to provide attendance numbers of athletes attending training sessions.

Coach Expenses

Jim Hunter recognises that a number of our coaches/helpers travel various distances to volunteer at the club.  Jim Hunter has suggested that he should put together a sub-committee to look into the process of coach expenses the sub-group will look at costs and effects putting this in place would have on the club, this will be reported back to the committee were a informed proposal and agreement can be taken forward.


Alan Erickson asked about first aiders within the club and first aid kits, Rob Henson will come back to the committee with costs for first aid training options.  First aid kits are available.

Gail Greenwood advised she was happy for her details to be added to the club website as Team Manager.

Coaches names, qualifications and specialities will be collated by Jackie Wyllie and then added to club website.

Jackie Wyllie stated that we should be keeping records of anyone completing coaching courses and voluntary hours given back to the club.


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